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What are The Differences Between Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting?

What are The Differences Between Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

In this 21st century world have you at any point of time envisioned a business without Internet? The appropriate response is; no business can be executed in the absence of Internet, as it is one of the best source for searching information, communicating with others, promoting & branding a business. The web pages, blogging platforms, and content management systems are getting huge popularity, and if you have a blog, website or an online store, you must need to choose the right hosting provider to host it. Web hosting is a service which make your website available on all the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Below I am going to share some more points about web hosting services, and it’s benefits.

Web Hosting service is available in 2 formats: Free and Paid Hosting and in order to select the right Web hosting company, your foremost choice ought to be to choose whether you like to opt for a free hosting provider or a paid web host. There are few benefits and drawbacks of both the services.

Difference Between Free and Paid Web Hosting

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One of the major benefit of free hosting account is it comes free of cost and you may also get access to email services. The free web hosting account is best choice for blogging sites, small businesses and Non-profit websites.

Although, the paid web hosting services are good for large and professional sites that require more power and resources in order to manage huge traffic and users. Anyway, the paid hosting solutions are good for all kind of website such as personal, Non-profit and professional websites, as there are many stuffs you are not going to get with the free hosting services:

  • Free Domain name will not be offered
  • Your website will always have banner ads or pop-ups
  • You will get limited access to software & applications
  • Less security so more chances of hacking
  • You will now get any technical assistance and support

Full Control over Web Management & Customization

With professional or paid web hosting you will get complete control over your website, which means you can customize your website such as plugin/software installation, content posting, add images etc. If you go for the free account, you will not have complete control over your website.

Free Domain Name & Email Id’s

Nowadays many professional web hosting companies provides their clients with minimum one free domain name, email accounts, unlimited bandwidth/transfer, web space and offer many other things needed for a professional web page. In free website hosting setup you will have to use a subdomain to promote your site, which is not much beneficial in order to create a brand.

Bandwidth & Web Space

In professional/paid web hosting services users are permitted to utilize more web space as well as bandwidth/transfer that is must for the growth of website traffic. If you opt for free web hosting service, you will not get such flexibility and only a limited amount of web server space and transfer will be allotted.

Reliability & Uptime

Reliability plays an important role, this is one of the major features that puts paid hosting services aside from free service providers. Normally, in free web hosting you will not get the same uptime and reliability like professional web hosting companies. So if you host your website on free hosting platform, then you will have to face lot of downtime. This situation will create negative impact for businesses in front of your users and may lead to loss of customers, revenues and sometime you may shut down your business. But if you opt for the professional web hosting services then you will get guarantee of 99% uptime, which is one of the essential thing for online businesses.

Tech Support and Assistance

Free website hosting platforms do not offer fast and anytime support in case of any issues you are facing with your website. This will be a biggest problem for you if you are using MySQL databases and PHP as well as Perl scripts. Whereas in paid hosting services, you will be provided with 24/7 technical support via toll-free phone, ticket system, email or live chat, ensuring peace of mind even during a critical situation.

SEO Service

Most of the web hosting companies providing free services do offer the same kind of solution as required for SEO improvement and advancement. Apart from this, the paid Internet hosting service gives additional control over the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) operation and allows businesses and webmasters to keep optimizing its operations in the long run.


For business startup, small business website that wish to create good reputation, there are numerous of choices available in the hosting industry such as HostingerBluehost, FastComet which allow you spend very less for hosting a website. Paid web hosting has many advantages and it is much better than the free edition as it gives you complete resources such as creating your website and hosting it on the web. As a business or website owner one must consider the above mentioned factors while taking web hosting service for their website.

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