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CloudOYE Reviews and Expert Opinion

CloudOYE Reviews and Expert Opinion - 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 votes

CloudOYE Reviews

CloudOYE started its operations in 2000, and has fortunately placed itself as a major service provider in the field of cloud hosting/server and data center related services around the world. With the rich experience of over 15 years, the organization is capably conveying propelled cloud web hosting services for its customer base. At CloudOYE they possess domain expert skill, integrated cloud infrastructure, highly secured Tier III data centers, fully managed hosting solutions and dedicated team of experts to help their valuable clients round the clock. Check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting India.

CloudOYE Reviews

CloudOYE Pricing and Features

CloudOye has a wide variety of hosting plans that works on a pay-per-use approach so you can get more out of your hard-earned money. CloudOye has types of Cloud hosting plans with different configurations:

  • ✪ The starter level plan, started at Rs.2.21/hour and a monthly Rs.1595, contains one core CPU with 1GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage space & data transfer, and comes with 1 IP address.
  • ✪ Their most popular cloud plan costs Rs. 8.3 per hour, or Rs.5995 per month, and contains 4 CPU cores, 4 GB of RAM, 200 GB of web storage, 2 IP addresses, and 400 GB of bandwidth/transfer.
  • ✪ Their third plan costs Rs.13.88 hourly or monthly Rs.9995. It comes with 6 CPU cores, 12 GB of RAM (Memory), 300 GB of storage space, 2 IP addresses, and 16000GB of bandwidth/transfer.
  • ✪ Their higher level plan, costs Rs.23.60 per hour or monthly Rs.16995. It contains of 8 cores CPU, 24 GB of RAM, 400 GB of storage space, 2 IP addresses, and 6400GB bandwidth/data transfer.

With CloudOye you also have option to build Build Your Own Cloud, you can now customize your own cloud server & build it as per your needs. Choose from CPU, RAM, Storage space, bandwidth, OS etc.

All CloudOye hosting plans can be easily customized based on your website needs such as RAM, storage space, OS, data transfer/bandwidth etc. Also if you want to build your account as per your needs, you can do it easily with their Build Your Own Cloud option. You can configure your cloud by defining parameters such as number of cores, RAM, Disk Quota, number of IP addresses you required as well choose the operating system as per your comfort etc., also you can choose data center nearest to your visitors location.

Uptime, Reliability & Performance

At Cloudoye all of your important data and files are stored in real time environment with a completely redundant network system in a totally independent structure to make sure that your website runs and works all the time without any disturbance. This make it possible for them to keep their server performance at 99.9% uptime, as 99.9% beginning to become the industry standard for web hosting and data center performance. At present, CloudOye has 3 data centers located in the two continents, US (Ohio) and India (Jaipur, Delhi), which can be really good if your targeted traffic is from these countries, addition you have to pay only for the resources you use, which is undoubtedly a more economical & cost-effective solution.

Cloudoye Customer Support

CloudOye support is available in the form of phone, live chat and email, also they have huge FAQ and knowledge section with informative articles, tutorials about cloud server hosting and related services.. In case of emergency, you can start an interactive live chat session, send them an email regarding your concern, or can call their phone numbers. Their customer support agents are always available to solve your questions and queries. They are very active on Social media channels so you can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter to get latest information and updates.

Free Cloud Cost Calculator

Cloud cost calculator is an amazing feature available with CloudOYE. If you want to get your own Cloud but your budget doesn’t allow, then you are in a right place. CloudOye’s free cloud cost calculator tool allows you to get a quick view at how much exactly you will have to pay. With the help of this tool you can alter each element, for example CPU cores, size of disk, number of IP’s, Memory size etc.. Hence, one can have an exact idea about how much resources you can buy from your budget, and it will be easier for you to take a decision.

Pros of CloudOye Hosting

  • Public & Private: CloudOye provides Cloud Hosting on both Public and Private environment, as well as hybrid cloud option is also available, so you can get the best suited configuration for your website.
  • Custom Cloud: CloudOye has different type of Cloud Hosting package along with custom cloud option, you can also create or build your own cloud based on your specific requirements.
  • Redundant Data Storage : To keep your website up and running all the time irregardless any unexpected issue occurs in the main system, CloudOye has redundant data storage option so resources can be taken easily from another location at any point of time.

Cons of CloudOye Hosting

  • No Moneyback & Refunds option: CloudOye doesn’t offer any guarantee of money back and refunds, and this policy applies to all of the services provided by them.

Final Verdict

With pay-per-use pricing method, CloudOye cloud hosting plans are cost-effective. It offers a highly customizable cloud hosting services so you on your own can allocate the resources you need for your website. With their custom option you can also design your own cloud from the scratch, where you can adjust (increase or decrease) the resources for every particular component you need for your website.. Downside of Cloudoye hosting is that they only have data centers in the US (Ohio) and India (Jaipur, Delhi), it means they are not the most suitable choice if your web page also receives traffic from other parts of the globe, however if your targeted audiences and visitors are from India and US, then they are an ideal choice for you.

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