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1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Review

1&1 hosting is started by highly skilled and talented people who know the Internet from top to bottom, It is owned and operated by United Internet, A Germany based corporation, since 1988. Services offered by this corporation includes ISP, web hosting, webmail etc. it also owns, a leading email services provider around the world.

Later in 2018, they got a blockbuster news as they bought and united with Profitbricks, a well-known and enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure service provider in Europe. This is the way 1&1 IONOS came into existence and become more powerful and extremely bigger than ever before.1&1 is one of the oldest web host with 30+ years of huge experience in the industry.

With around 12 million domains and 8+ millions of clients hosted in their regional data centers in the US and Europe, is 1&1 IONOS the best host there? We will discover while we determine the services offered by them in this 1and1 review.

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1&1 Hosting Plans & Pricing

Money and funds makes the whole world go round. It additionally influences your brain to go all around when you are attempting to compare all the diverse costs of web hosting services, including shared, Cloud, VPS, email solutions as well as add-ons.

When it comes to website building options, 1&1 is one of the most-reasonable priced option available there. It’s shared hosting packages are much cheaper for first billing cycle but cost increases significantly at the time of renewal.

Break Down of 1&1 IONOS Pricing

Below is the break down 1and1 hosting prices. The majority of the hosting plans with the exception of Cloud hosting offered by IONOS have long-term offers and benefits running, which are going to share below.

Shared Hosting Prices

  • Business: Best For one website or project, $8 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 12 months)
  • Pro: For larger web projects (up to 5 websites), $10 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 months)
  • Expert: For multiple large web projects (upto 50 websites), $14 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 months)
  • VPS Hosting Prices

  • VPS M: $10/month (Offer: $5/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS L: $20/month (Offer: $10/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS XL: $30/month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS XXL: $40/month (Offer: $30/month for first 6 month)
  • Dedicated Hosting Prices
    SSD/NVMe Server Plans:

  • L-16 SSD: $80/month ($0.111 per Hour)
  • L-32 SSD: $90/month ($0.125 per hour)
  • XL-32 NVMe: $130/month ($0.181 per Hour)
  • XL-64 NVMe: $160/month ($0.222 per Hour)
  • XXL-96 NVMe: $220/month ($0.306 per Hour)
  • 3XL-192 NVMe: $280/month ($0.389 per Hour)
  • HDD Dedicated Server Plans:

  • L-16 HDD: $70/month ($0.097 per Hour)
  • L-32 HDD: $80/month (0.111 per Hour)
  • XL-32 HDD: $100/month ($0.139 per Hour)
  • XL-64 HDD: $130/month ($0.181 per Hour)
  • XXL-96 HDD: $180/month ($0.250 per Hour)
  • 3XL-192 HDD: $240/month ($0.333 per Hour)
  • Cloud Hosting Prices

  • Cloud Hosting M: Suitable for For web projects with basic demands, $15/month
  • Cloud Hosting L: Best suitable For web projects with high performance demands, $25/month
  • Cloud Hosting XL: Best suitable For large or multiple web projects with basic performance demands, $35/month
  • Cloud Hosting XXL: Best suitable For large or multiple web projects with high performance demands, $65/month
  • WordPress Hosting Prices

  • Essential: For 1 Managed WordPress website, $9/month (Offer: $1 per month for first 6 month)
  • Business: For 2 Managed WordPress websites, $11/month (Offer: $1 per month for first 12 months)
  • Pro: For 5 Managed WordPress websites, $15 per month (Offee: $1 per month for first 6 months)
  • All the hosting services offered by IONOS are available at attractive prices and you can get shared and WordPress hosting for just $1/month for upto 12 months. Nut keep in mind, once the promotional offer is over, you will have to pay the normal prices, so do not forget to check the regular prices before signing up with them.

    Main Features of 1&1 IONOS Hosting

    Talking about the features & characteristics of 1and1 hosting, we should begin with the truth that this hosting service providers offers many amazing features to its customers at lowest cost. Below I am going to share the major features of 1&1 IONOS hosting:

    1&1 IONOS hosting features

    Free Domain Name and 1&1 Website Builder

  • Almost every hosting plan include free website domain, email accounts, huge amount of web space and more. Apart from this each hosting package include 1-click installer so that you can easily install any CMS platform such as WordPress or Joomla.
  • On the other hand, you can create your website easily with the help of easy to use and Drag-and-drop website builder tool offered by IONOS in all hosting packages.
  • One can easily install popular apps. The team of experts is available round the clock and will help you choose plugins & extensions for your specific needs as well as help you with the installation process.
  • Lots of Easy to Scale Cloud Hosting Options

  • Pick a predesigned cloud plans, available in different extents ranging from M to XXL, for low-priced and entry into the cloud environment. Additionally you can pick your desired scripting language, ideal server as well database to exactly meet your website's requirements and your specific needs.
  • The 1&1 IONOS Cloud enables clients to send in 55 seconds or less, with burden adjusting to disperse traffic and guarantee ideal execution for your site. Modify your assets whenever to coordinate the requests of your traffic.
  • The cloud hosting plans offered by 1&1 IONOS enables clients to deploy in just few seconds of time, with load balancing technique to disperse traffic and guarantee ideal performance for your web application or site. Alter your server resources whenever to meet the changing requirements of your site traffic.
  • IONOS ensures that you just pay for the resources you need and with the help of easier administration portal one can start and stop resources whenever you wish. In case you do not configure resources, you do not have to pay for them.
  • Exclusive Search Engine Optimization and Advanced Marketing Tools

  • 1&1 IONOS give access to Ranking Coach, a do-it-yourself online marketing software, ensuring your site and business is more visible to your potential audience online as well as search engines. Once you perform a SEO test using Ranking coach, you will be given clear results in text and graphical format, it doesn't matter which CMS platform you use. This tool will give you helpful feedback regarding your website SEO.
  • They offer best email marketing plans with streamlined approach to integrate membership forms and compose appealing messages that understandable on all type of devices. Their easy to use software permits users to keep an eye on marketing campaigns in real-time as well as allow to run A/B testing to troubleshoot their marketing strategies, making sure that their marketing attempts are kept highly proficient and compelling.
  • Google Ads also known as PPC marketing may look like quantum physics, however 1and1 will enable website owners to make use of the organization's ability and skills.
  • World-Class Security and Excellent Performance

  • 1&1 IONOS offers fully managed server packages with elective performance optimizations notwithstanding the full list of website hosting features and benefits. Folly managed hosting users get access to unlimited traffic/data transfer and 100% SSD web storage that gives blazing-fast speeds than HDD based storage.
  • 1&1 IONOS server farms/datacenters, situated over the US (United States) and Europe, include modern-grade hardware, and nonstop monitoring by highly trained staff. With outer connectivity speeds more than 300 gigabits (Gib) for every second, you are certain to have fast and simple access to web applications. Redundant web storage systems, automatic server backups and regular updates,along with firewalls protection and DDoS assurance guarantees everything is planned for most extreme security and protection.
  • With high proactive security, malicious content/malware filtering with SiteLock website security, and data recovery systems, 1&1 IONOS hosting comes with the amazing options to protecting sites of their customer against disasters and misfortunes. For enhanced performance and increased security this service provider offered an optional CDN from CloudFlare along with free SSL certificate.
  • Customer Support at 1&1 IONOS

    Similar to other hosting providers, 1and1 IONOS offers its customers with 24*7 customer support option along with tons of extra help tutorials and articles as well as a community is also available to ask your doubts and questions. These tutorials and articles includes solution and answers for most of the questions of clients. In case you do not find solution you can get in touch with their customer support team directly using live chat or telephone. Their customer support executives are available 24/7 to give expert solution ad advice.

    1&1 IONOS Uptime & Reliability

    1&1 IONOS gives an uptime guarantee of 100% to all of its hosting plans and offering. In case of a site hosted with IONOS failing below 99.99% uptime, You may get in touch with 1&1 IONOS and ask them for a credit for that particular month commensurate to the amount of site downtime. It is highly recommended to read the general terms and conditions of service usage before signing up with them. We tested their server uptime manually and got good response time with around 99.98% of uptime, which is quite good and there are not many complaint about.

    1and1 IONOS Review: Conclusion

    All in all, 1&1 IONOS offers a pretty good website hosting solution at lowest introductory price. On other side, you get extremely strong, powerful and stable performance, a stupendous cost, excellent security tools, HTTP/2 network protocol, and an SSL certificate is included for free of cost in each and every hosting. When you consider all of these features, there is not substantially more you would ever need to run a successful website at this price. At the same time, you will be given a puzzling control panel, a costly website builder tool as well as chat support is not easily accessible.

    After completing this analysis, I can definitely say that I for sure like 1&1 IONOS hosting. Quite good performance, excellent security and a lot of features and tools at an extraordinary cost are altogether fascinating. However putting little more focus on live chat support would surely benefit this web host in great way.

    Strengths & Weaknesses IONOS Hosting


  • Easy to Scale performance enable to adjust everything to your specific needs.
  • Much lower introductory cost.
  • Quite good performance.
  • Incredible account security.
  • Reasonable shared & WordPress hosting plans
  • Quite good help center
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL certificates
  • DDoS protection on all plans
  • Performance-Tuned Cloud hosting plans
  • Weaknesses:

  • Lack of email support
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Confusing hosting control panel
  • Expensive Website builder tool
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