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Neha Kumari, a full-time Contributing Editor at, covers the website hosting, Web Servers, Website Security and technology space through comprehensive feature articles and reviews with the web hosting service providers in the industry. With around 5 years of experience in the hosting field, Neha utilizes her skills to keep readers and users up to date on the latest website hosting services, trends and evolutions.
Top 5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2021

Entrepreneurs in 2021 wear a lot of hats. From startups to big-name companies, there’s an overwhelming amount of information on the web claiming to have the best advice for conducting business today. How many of these online experts actually have valuable tools and resources for modern business owners?

If you want to cut through the noise, you need to know where to go for the latest news and the best information. Some websites have earned themselves a reputation of always offering the most up-to-date advice and recommendations, and others are slowly creating a space for their expertise online. If you’re a business owner, you need to bookmark these websites now. Your future self will thank you.

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5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark
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1. ProBlogger

Unless you’ve somehow stayed off the internet for the past few years, you know how valuable content marketing is to business growth today. Even if you don’t have a blog yourself or for your business, you need to bookmark Darren Rowse’s site Pro Blogger. Think of it as your go-to encyclopedia for everything blog related. If you do anything online from social media promotion to writing articles, you need to stay up to date on this blog.


2. Hubspot Marketing Blog

Hubspot has a few different blogs and resources, but their marketing blog is full of amazing value. With everything free marketing resources to in-depth tutorials, you’ll learn what’s working in the world of marketing right now. This is also your top place to find the latest trends and changes with big brands and up-and-coming businesses. While you probably already get enough emails, it’s worth subscribing to the Hubspot email list to get tips in your inbox.

3. ExpertSure

Navigating the ins and outs of running a business takes time, and you don’t always know how to make the best choices regarding your purchases and services. CEO Ollie Smith founded his website this struggle in mind. He understands what it means to be a business owner, and he built ExpertSure to help you navigate confusing industries. With everything from price comparison to how-to articles, you can make the right choices for your business without the stress. See how the team at ExpertSure breaks down invoicing in this article:


4. Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has long been the top resource for everything trending in finance an entrepreneurship. While the entire website is full of valuable information and news, its entrepreneurial community offers a range of topics in all things business. You can learn about anything from e-commerce to managing a franchise from the top experts in the industry. It’s about more than just breaking news. The Wall Street Journal is worth a look every morning to start the day off right.

The Wall Street Journal

5. The Middle Finger Project

While Ashley Ambirge’s The Middle Finger Project might not resemble the rest found on this list, it’s well-worth repeat visits. Her blog and resource library are like a hard slap of out of the box design. She takes a unique approach to business, championing the importance of paving your own path no matter your industry. Even if her design isn’t your style, you’ll still walk away from each blog post feeling motivated and empowered.

The Middle Finger Project

The Best of the Web

The internet is full of wanna-be gurus and “business” experts who want you to follow their blog or download their latest guide. It’s easy to get swept up in this digital noise, but this leads to more confusion. These websites above won’t leave you second-guessing your next move as an entrepreneur, and they’ll help you make smart decisions. Bookmark them now, and check back in with them later for inspiration, trends, and must-know advice.

How Does Cloud Computing Work Explained?

How Does Cloud Computing Work Explained? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

How Does Cloud Computing Work Explained?

Suppose you are a senior person in a big organization. Your main roles and duties contain ensuring that all the workers of your organizations have the required equipment's, software and resources they require to perform their regular tasks. If you think buying computer systems and PC’s is enough then you are wrong because you also need software and their licenses to give your workers the rights and control they need. To run an organization properly you need to hire new employees time to time and for your new employees you need to purchase software, application as well as make certain that the current version of your software license permit additional users. It is much painful and troublesome that you to the point that you think that it is hard to rest on your enormous heap of money every and each night.

How Does Cloud Computing Work Explained?

Due to huge advancement in the technology there is an alternative for business persons like you. Rather than installing collection of software and applications for every PC, you need to have only one single application. This application will permit your employees to sign into an Internet based panel which contains all the programs and applications the user will require to perform his or her regular duties. Remote based machines acquired by some other company or business is going to run all the things from simple email, data processing to difficult data/information analysis solutions. It is known as cloud computing technology, and it has change the whole computer and IT industry.

In cloud computing based environment, there is a substantial and considerable workload shift. Home based computer systems never again need to perform all the difficult tasks in regards to running required applications. The huge network of powerful computers systems, known as servers, that make up the cloud manages them. Due to this the demands of Hardware and software on the user’s side lessen. The main thing the user’s PC should have the capacity to run is the cloud computing framework's interface software, which can be actually as straightforward as a Web based program, and the rest will be taken care by cloud system.

There are huge possibilities that you have already utilized few type of cloud computing technologies. In this technological world almost every person is using email account with Internet based service such as Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Hotmail etc. at that point you have had some involvement with Cloud Computing. Rather than accessing email on your personal computer system, you sign into a web based email account remotely. The application, software and storage space for your email id/account does not remain on your computer system. All the information, application, software stored on the cloud based environment.

Presently, we should see how Cloud Computing works reality.

Usually, as a cloud user you sign into a web based portal and you order essential services using the Cloud service portal. This facility has been crafted by the reliable and top cloud service provider or company and can be much easy to access virtual machine relying on an image, few network attributes, an application service for instance an WebApp environment and a solution for example MongoDB (open-source database). It relies upon the service provider and kind of assets, solutions and facilities.

The cloud computing service provider will approve, via the BSS (Business Support Systems), your demand and if everything related to validation is alright, it will arrange the demand via the OSS (Operational Support Systems or Operations Support Systems).

You will be provided with the login details to get into your requested solutions and you will generally get a month to month statement for your total usage in each month.

Ideally now you comprehend more about how Cloud Computing technology works.

5 Promotion Reasons You Must Invest In VPS Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

5 Promotion Reasons You Must Invest In VPS Hosting

When working on your website, everyone at some point has to make the decision of choosing a web hosting company. It can be difficult for online business professionals that are not experienced to find the right hosting plans for the website without asking for any help.

A VPS hosting is something that you should be investing because the results are going to be worth it. VPS hosting can potentially aid the productivity of businesses in a number of ways. You can check out for reliable VPS hosting plans.

5 Promotion Reasons You Must Invest In VPS Hosting

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Here are ways a VPS web host will impact your website and business.

1. VPS Servers Similar To Dedicated Servers

The use of virtualization technologies has allowed VPS servers to perform just like physical dedicated servers. From the control to the isolation of your web content, this hosting solution gives your web business that additional boost that you need.


2. You Can Save Money

The infrastructure is cleverly designed as the software that is set up creates several virtual machines on the server. Virtual private servers are much cheaper than having equivalent physical dedicated servers. Due to the reduction and the scalability in infrastructure costs, your money is not wasted.

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3. Fast Performance

VPS hosting solutions can offer faster loading times for the web content as compared to most of the other web hosting plans. Faster loading time is better for the web users that are visiting and engaging with your site. A faster performance will also help with the SEO efforts for your website content because Google considers page loading times as a ranking signal fact.

4. Access To Customer Service

If you do not know much about technical aspects, then you will definitely need to have access to someone who is. People in the customer service can help you if you encounter any problem with your web content or anything on the server. If you invest in a VPS server, your hosting company will have a technical manager in order to help you with additional configurations that you may need.

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5. Security

Most users do not really understand the web security. Installing and forgetting your website is a deadly mistake. A good host should be able to handle all the critical security updates besides proactively blocking any vulnerability, so your website is prevented from getting hacked. You would want to ensure that your hosted content’s security is protected from any type of malicious activity such as hacking, malware or viruses. Additionally, your sensitive data will be protected from your web content’s users. With a virtual private server, the hosting company offers a higher level of security in which the content you will host will be stored on an equivalent of a dedicated server. All these measures mean that the security configurations can be customized for your web content needs.

All of these reasons are enough for any website owner to consider investing in VPS Hosting because everything about your website starting from performance to your ranking will improve drastically.

About the Author:

Barbara Morgan is a freelance content writer, IT enthusiast and a California native. She started reviewing hosting providers when managed website hosting just appeared on the market. She loves enlighten web hosting related topics in all its forms. She posts her articles on regular basis at one of the managed hosting providers in the USA and NL website -

Bluehost Birthday Sale 2020 : 67% OFF Hosting + Free Domain & SSL - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Bluehost Birthday Sale 2020 : 67% OFF Hosting + Free Domain Name & SSL

Bluehost Birthday sale is already gone and it comes just once in a year. But through our Link you can still get 65% OFF on Bluehost hosting + Free Domain, CDN, SSL and more.

Planning to start a blog or website? Then this is the right time for you because currently Bluehost is celebrating it's 16th Birthday. Now you can get cheapest web hosting plans for the next 3 years (36 months). Bluehost is one of the best and reputed web hosting providers our there.

Bluehost birthday Sale

As Bluehost is celebrating its 16th Birthday this year so on the occasion of Birthday they are running special discount and promotion. During this promotion you can get basic shared hosting packages to host your website or blog for just $2.65 per month for 36 months, offer available only on 15th July and 16th July 2020.

The regular cost of Bluehost's basic shared hosting package is $7.99/month but now you can get this package just for $2.65/month.

Details of Bluehost Birthday Sale

Bluehost Birthday Sale 2020- Get web hosting packages for as low as $2.65/month for 36 months + Free SSL certificate + Domain Name + 1-click WordPress install.

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Grab Deal

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Highlights of Bluehost's Shared Hosting Package:

  • 50GB SSD space
  • 5 email accounts
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free website builder
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 24*7 expert technical support
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 25 subdomains with hosting
  • One click WordPress installation
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Also Read: How to get Money Back from Bluehost?.

    Note: Bluehost is one of the most popular and oldest web hosting companies and No.1 officially recommended by WordPress.Org for WordPress hosting.

    Bluehost birthday Sale

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    Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Cloud: Difference Between Homogeneous Cloud and Heterogeneous Cloud - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Cloud: Difference Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cloud

    There is a huge growth in the Cloud computing technology these days. With each and every difficulty or problem a brand new opportunity have a head start giving more powerful solution than previous one. Considering this, have you ever heard about Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cloud solutions? Undoubtedly , there are several people unaware of these two types of cloud hosting environments. Let us now get detailed overview of various differences between Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous Cloud models.

    HOMOGENEOUS vs HETEROGENEOUS Clouds: Difference Between homogeneous and heterogeneous

    What is Meant by Homogeneous Cloud?

    In simple words, a Homogeneous cloud environment is one in which complete software stack from the Microsoft Hypervisor or Hyper-V, via several and different intermediate management levels, All credit goes to the end-user portal, is offered by one vendor.

    What is meant by Heterogeneous Cloud?

    A Heterogeneous Cloud Computing model, from another point of view, combines elements by several different vendors, whether at various levels such as administrative tool from single vendor driving a hypervisor from some other or even at a similar level, numerous diverse hypervisors, all determined by a similar administration device.

    How to Select Between a Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Models?

    The major string about a homogeneous cloud platform is that, in this type of arrangement, each thing comes in a pre-coordinated way. Once the setup process completed, in case anything goes wrong, only one party is considered responsible for that. As soon as one seller, business or any service provider is in the ownership of so much power and domination, clients become reliant only on that seller’s or service providers technical as well as business strategy.

    The major benefit of cloud monoculture arrangement is that customers are free to be into businessperson tool. At the same time administrators effectively cover for each and every inside this procedure, the drawbacks are extraordinary. From the technical side there are several features accessible which are entirely built by the seller. In addition when a client is bound and determined to one seller scheme, resources are without any trouble assigned in spite of alteration in the product’s pricing structure. All this completely relates to the business perspective.

    To keep the records, heterogeneous cloud service structures attempt to divert a safe and secure impact for it presents and shows parts from different sellers or businesses. The assigning of such kind resources is done on the basis of typical arrangement of methodologies.

    A solitary administration component is presented, at a specified time of purpose. Thus organizations giving homogeneous cloud methodologies can protect certain modifications of of lock-in- they have the choice to state that the conjunction drives a lock-in higher up inside any given plethora.

    Therefore the wrong similarity into both i.e. platform lock-ins as well as theoretical administration lock-in is just an expository move. Few of the administration sellers need to aware of the development pace of controlled stages in addition to the chance falling behind the rivalry from various other different heterogeneous cloud innovation administration suppliers.

    Plesk vs cPanel - A Detailed Comparison of Web Hosting Control Panels (2021) - 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Plesk vs cPanel - A Detailed Comparison of Web Hosting Control Panels (2021)

    At the time of selecting between Website hosting control panels, the two major competitors to choose from are Plesk and cPanel. These two major control panels dominate the industry for individuals, businesses and organizations searching for hosting account and web server management tools. Some of the the top features are:

  • Domain & Sub-Domain Management
  • IP address management
  • Email accounts management
  • File transfers via FTP
  • Database management
  • Manage Your Backups
  • Automated Script Installation
  • Logs and Reports
  • Facility for third-party tools
  • Plesk vs cPanel

    Overview of cPanel

    Initial released in 1996 by Nick Koston, cPanel is one of the biggest player, as it has huge number of legacy users globally. cPanel 72 is the most version of it, released in June 13th, 2018. The latest version of cPanel’s are actually mixture of cPanel as well as WHM interfaces, where the older version is just for user account administration as well as latter one for server side management. So in this entire article we are going to talk about cPanel. Additionally cPanel is linux based control panel and Linux is used by majority of websites and web applications as their server. Several web hosting companies offer top-rated cPanel in the hosting packages.

    In other words, cPanel tend to accompany with some amazing features for website owners to manage their website hosting accounts as well as server related tasks.

    Key Features of cPanel:

  • It is Completely Linux-based web hosting control panel
  • Comes with numerous of amazing features such as website backup, database management tools
  • It comes with easy 1-click installer to install Content management systems
  • It comes with WHM tool, one of the best combination to power hosting accounts
  • Try cPanel’s Demo here for Free.

    Overview of Plesk

    In actual fact, Plesk is not much distinct from cPanel tool. But one of the unique thing about Plesk panel is that it Works on both Linux as well as Windows servers. In case you are going to use Windows as your server, Plesk is the best choice available for you.

    Plesk panel has helped numerous of system administrators as well a website owners for around 17 years. Due to its easy and user-friendly interface, as well as availability of amazing features website owners, webmasters and system administrator can easy administer their server related tasks in a well-organized way. The most recent Plesk Onyxis is accessible for both Linux as well as Windows based hosting account.

    Key Features of Plesk Panel:

  • It is available and accessible on both Linux and Windows based servers.
  • Includes amazing features for easy server management as well as hosting account management.
  • Contains easy installers to install most of the popular CMS’s platforms.
  • Try Plesk’s Demo here for Free.

    Plesk vs cPanel: User interfaces/Usability

    In both of these control panel tools, Plesk is global recognized for its much easier and simpler GUI (Graphical user Interface). It's simple GUI makes it much easier to use. The interface of Plesk Panel is increasingly sleeker and it contains features organized in the left-hand side of the screen as a list. At the moment when someone clicked these features expand to display additional options available.

    cPanel is an icon based control panel tool. It doesn’t group the attributes and options in a helpful and easier manner, as well as frequently observed as being more disorganized. But with cPanel you have the option to customize the home screen as per your comfort so that you can perform the task in a easier way.

    Plesk vs cPanel : Distros

    One of the crucial dissimilarity between the Plesk panel and cPanel website hosting control panel tools is that Plesk panel works well on both Linux as well as Windows server operating system while cPanel is designed to work only on Linux server.

    CloudLinux, RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are the supported operating systems by cPanel control panel. At the same time, Plesk panel perfectly works on 14 Linux distributions together with Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS as well as being Windows based control panel, it work perfectly fine with Windows based operating systems.

    Generally the selection of hosting control is entirely rely on which OS (operating system) you are planning to y use on your server. For Windows Plesk is best option, whereas for Linux cPanel is the perfect solution.

    Security : Plesk vs cPanel

    The main focus of these two widely recognized control panels is security. There are few dissimilarities between the features available in both Plesk and cPanel web hosting control panel but both contains excellent security features.

    The security tools available in cPanel are known as Automatic installation of SSL certificate, directories are protected with password together with IP address denials. While the security features available in Plesk panel includes fail2ban (an intrusion prevention software framework), active directory integration and spam protection for emails.

    Plesk vs cPanel : Support

    Both cPanel and Plesk has an award winning support team.

    In case you need any help or assistance or having any kind of concern with their services you can easily contact Plesk and cPanel customer support team.

  • The Plesk panel team is available 24*7*365 and available in various countries including, US, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Australia etc.
  • Whereas the cPanel control team is available: Central Standard Time Mon-Fri 6AM-6PM and Sat-Sun 6AM-4PM, located in the United States of America.
  • Plesk vs cPanel : Conclusion

    The selection of web hosting control panel have huge impact as these are the tools you use to interact with your web server and hosting accounts. Since these are the tool that enables you with the essential features and attributes you require to administer your web project and websites. Even though you do not need to choose any alternative this moment, but there are some situations where you may wish to know about the differences between Plesk control panel and cpanel control panel to understand which one to use as your website management tool.

    cPanel is widely used and well-known control panel tool these days, the major reason behind this is it's easy to use interface as well as availability for Linux based operating systems. Linux is used by more than 90% of the web applications and websites as their web hosting operating system. Google one of the top search engine use 15000+ Linux based servers to serve its content Worldwide. On the other side Plesk is available for both Linux and Windows based users, which is best option if you wish to use Microsoft and based applications for your website or web project.

    Top 10+ Best Business To Start In India 2021 – Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start in India within Rs. 10,000 - 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Top 10+ Best Business To Start In India 2021 – Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start in India within Rs. 10,000

    Are you planning to start a business in India with least investment? If yes, here on this we are going to share the top 10+ most profitable businesses in India you can start with low investment in 2021.

    Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start in India

    Startups and new businesses are rising in India. Several people in India are quite happy and well-convinced with their 9 to 5 corporate jobs at the same time few people make great efforts to set up their own startup or business. People in many cases have an assumption that a lot of investment is needed to start a business but this is not actually true, these days you can simply start your own business whether online or offline with least investment or capital. There are several most successful businesses and startups have been begun with least capital and investment.

    If you have full concentration, determination and will power to start your own business either online or offline, you have several options available with least investment and capital. You can choose an offline or online business based on your determination and inspiration of exploring something new and fresh! If you do some research, you can discover several illustrations of most victorious and booming businesses and startups started with least capital. Today here on this page we are going to share the top 10+ best profitable businesses in India you can start today with low investment and budget for 2021.

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    10+ Most Profitable Businesses in India

    With the time, moving on, India has become one among the foremost developing countries within the world and now our country ranks on the top of the list according to GDP (Gross domestic product) of the past few years and it is continuously growing. In the previous years our country was recognized as developing but due to digitalization and technical advancement now India has the well-known business, organizations and there is a considerable improvement in each and every industry of India. And a few years ago, all these were a far-off dream is at present a reality.

    You thought or plan will bring your business/organization, your business/organization will bring you the customers/people and people/customers will bring you the marketplace. And as we tend to all understand, an honest thought or good plan has no price, just huge potential of exploding. The World's most popular, successful and well-known entrepreneurs/businessmans such as Mark Zuckerberg (technology entrepreneur and well-known for founding Facebook), Bill Gates (business magnate and founder of Microsoft Corporation) may keep the chance of creating pyramids out of notes, however not even one out of these two most successful entrepreneurs began at the highest of the ladder. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook (Widely used social networking site) from his dormitory room with few of his college roommates with least cost and Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates with his childhood friend at minimal cost.

    As said by Walt Disney (an American entrepreneur) “If you dream it, you can do it.” On that encouraging note, given below are some of the most profitable business ideas that we really believe can be put in motion for an initial cost of as low as Rs.10000:

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    Tuition centre

    This is one of the cost-effective and most affordable business idea to launch because of its equal to none initial cost requirement. There are numerous of tuition-teachers or individuals takes classes from their own homes, therefore it eliminating the cost and charges of renting a room or workplace. The only thing you have to do in order to settle yourself as tuition teacher or online tutor is to promote yourself via various social media channels or you can use any old promotional method such as flyers, brochures and pamphlets.

    Travel Agency

    The Indian travel industry has seen huge growth in the past few years and in this stressful world, each and every individual seek for vacations or holidays both short and long term. Due to this travel agency acts as an exceptional and bright business plan as all required is a workplace, one or two people to run the business and a computer system with internet connection to associate and get in touch with the customers online as well as service providers. It takes times to win the trust of users and convert them as a successful client, but if you are able to offer the quality service at reasonable rates then it can be achieved easily. You can start a travel agency from home with an initial costs that will fall around Rs 10,000.

    Start Blogging

    Blogging is one of the hottest online business idea in this digital World. To To get into blogging business you don’t need huge investment as you can start it initially at low cost. All you need to do is buy Web hosting and Domain name with unlimited possibilities which will cost you nearly about Rs.3000/year. Without web hosting service you can not make your website or blog live and to promote your blog via right media channels and social networking platform on the Internet. You can start blogging business as low as Rs.3000 to 5000.

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    Online bakery Store

    You can start an online bakery business to reach a wide range of customers on the web. By opening an online bakery you can offer traditional bakery products including cakes, breads, pastries and cupcakes as well as occasional items such as birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes etc. Starting an online bakery business gives convenience as well as quality baked products to customers who does not have time to prepare or do not know how to prepare these kind of items. You can reach these kind of people with online bakery.

    Event Management

    Event management and organizing has been one of the most popular and most profitable business idea in India. In India many people for most of the occasions prefer it to be well-planned, properly organized and celebrated it on a scale of as possible. To start an event organizing business you need to be best at networking with others and should have strong managing skills. You need to be on the field 24*7 for checking out various venues, meeting sponsors etc.

    Wedding Planner Business

    Wedding celebrations in India are all the time on a large scale, in most of the situations people involved in wedding related occasions don’t have enough time, resources and sufficient energy to plan and deal with everything related to wedding occasion on their own. This is the situation where a wedding planner or organizer come in the action. You can contact these kind of people and organize wedding for them. Although, for starting this kind of business you need to be creative as well as you need to have to contacts with trusted suppliers and sellers of wedding related products and stuffs.

    One of the most crucial investment you should have to start wedding planner business is a popular website with Good traffic and visitors. One of the best medium to get in touch with prospective client in this kind of business in online. Therefore, you need to make certain that your web page contains the essential base of users, viewers and is user friendly, attractive and user friendly.

    Become Social Media Strategist

    Social media has gained huge popularity these days all over the world. Online businesses including large enterprises, corporates, small-mid sized organizations as well as individual bloggers have understood the value of social media and working on social media platforms to improve their presence on these channels. There are several large organizations and companies nowadays having in-house social media team to handle their social media channels, the small size organizations and businesses still look for social media strategist to manage their business. To begin as social media strategist all you need to create strong profiles on various platforms including LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook to create good online presence as well as you should have capacity to maintain a website with higher rank in SERPs.

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    Online Fitness/Yoga Instructor

    In this busy world, it is very difficult to maintain fitness. These days the entire world is hoping to get fit. At the same time in this busy world not every individual has enough time as well as desire to go the gym or yoga centers to join classes, the concept of fitness or yoga instructor going to their places and helping them in maintaining fitness is certainly more attractive to them. For those planning to start a business on the web in web based fitness need to spend some amount of money on creating powerful online presence with the help of professional website as well through various social media channels, including Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. They can start this kind of business without spending money on having a physical space.

    Become a Graphic Designer

    Due to increase demand of websites by every business owner, graphic designers are in high demand. Graphic designers can make huge money by sitting at home and even make more money than full-time workers. To start as a graphic designer all you need to have is necessary software, computer or laptop with Internet connection and a platform to make their work viral so that their work can reach potential customers.

    Become Content Writer

    These days content writers are huge in demand as every business is going online by having a website and we can’t imagine a website without contents. Every website need to have contents in order to get good rank in search engines like Google, Bing. So in simple words as long as there is a web, Internet or information technology there will be huge demand for content writers and content writing services.

    Shoe-Wash Business

    In olden times, most of the people used to clean and wash their shoes themselves, but in those days most of the people used to wear canvas shoes and those kind of shoes were very easy to clean with the help of detergent powder. However these days most of the people are owning trendy sneakers and want to maintain their shoes properly. This is a best online or offline business for all the serious entrepreneurs. But to get successful in this kind of business, you need to have extraordinary marketing skills along with information about the chemicals needed to wash the shoes.

    Create a YouTube channel

    YouTube is one of the hottest place available on the web for creative and talented people looking to make money with no monetary investment. Youtube partner program is one of the best online business opportunity to start offered by Google. You can create a channel and share quality videos on your channel. Once your channel becomes more popular you can start making money for each and every view you get for your videos.

    Start as Advertising Campaign Creator

    In this web based world every business need some kind of advertising to create strong presence for their products and services. There are several advertising agencies charging too much of money to create advertising campaigns for businesses as well as individuals. As a result of this individual advertising campaign creators are huge in demand. You can start advertising campaign creator business by investing some money in building an attractive and professional looking website with a website domain, website hosting services for showcasing your services on the web for your prospective clients.

    Start as a Career Guide

    You can start your business as a career guide and start guiding and advising people on careers that might suit them based on their skills, knowledge and expertise for a fee.

    Tiffin service

    Getting into food industry is one of the most profitable move. Several working people prefer to eat but don’t wish to spend time on cooking. This is the situation where tiffin service come into action. Hence cooking can be done from your own home based kitchen, you don't need to spend money in renting additional space. All you need to do is make your business popular and hire a middle-man to deliver your food to the persons.

    Conduct Cooking Classes

    As said earlier food industry is one of the most profitable business in India because food is something that attracts to almost every individual. Once you start as a professional or full time cook, you can start conducting cooking class using offline or online mediums. When it comes to online medium you choose social media platforms like Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook or else you can start your own website. For offline cooking you can have a separate space in your home or rent a space for the particular day you want to conduct the cooking classes, which is an affordable way to start your cooking class business.

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    Bus Service Website

    Buses are one of the most convenient way of public transport especially in India. This is a low cost web based business approach that can help you delight a successful startup. Based on e research in India more than 90% of the people prefer to travel by bus in the country. Hence it would be quite helpful for them to learn the detailed schedule of busses, ticket charges, routes and other related information.

    Wrap Up

    Though each and every businesses have some risk factors and potential barriers but these businesses also contain the possibility to become awesome examples of successful stories. As a wrap up and conclusion here is a quote from a legend Henry Ford (the founder of the Ford Motor Company) who stated “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

    Setting up or starting a new business in India does not really need huge investments! These days you can start a small business with less monetary investment. If you have talent, skills, determination to take the responsibility and power to take decision, you can choose any of the business from the above list and convert it to successful start with your dedicated.

    Major Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Major Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

    In case that you own a medium sized business or organization, selecting between the two most popular web hosting option i.e. shared hosting or dedicated web hosting service can be really a huge challenge. Things can be wind up really complicating since as a website owner you will need to decide between your present and future requirement. During a time where each and every web hosting company states unlimited everything, it can actually turn out to be much more complicated to make a well-informed decision.

    Major Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

    In this article we are going to take a look at the the various aspects of shared web hosting vs Dedicated website hosting plans so that it will be much effortless for you to make a wise decision. We are also going to differentiate these two types of web hosting based on their features and characteristics.

    Shared Server Hosting vs Dedicated server hosting plans- The Key Differences

    In dedicated server hosting arrangement only and only your website is hosted an entire server. In Shared server hosting arrangement, the amount of web space, data transfer/bandwidth you are given by hosting provider is restricted because there are several other web pages sharing the server along with your web page. You need to pay extra if you exceed your allocated amount of resources.

    While selecting between Dedicated web hosting and Shared server hosting, the choice comes down to tracking what actually you and your business needs. At the same time there are ups and downs of both of the choices, it is much crucial to understand the distinctions between these two best hosting alternatives i.e. shared hosting vs. Dedicated hosting to simplify this crucial option in setting up, maintaining and taking your business online successfully.

    Shared Web Hosting

    In this type of hosting arrangement one physical web server is divided and shared by several users who use the same resources for their websites. Each and every user sharing the server also shares the cost of server resources including CPU power, bandwidth, storage space and many other attributes. Other web page owners can not access the resources of other hosting accounts and websites on the same server. Due to its sharing nature it is cost-effective, cheapest and easier to use, most popular hosting option available to use and even novices with less knowledge and skills can also use shared hosting.

    Shared Web Hosting

    If you opt for Shared web hosting your web host will set up server for you and install all the essential software, application based on your needs. You will be provided with an easy to use cPanel control panel tool so that you can easily upload your website to server. With the help of easy to use cPanel control panel tool you can easily create database, manage databases, install SSL, add addon domain, create sub domains, email account for your business or personal use and many other required things needed to run your business online.

    Shared web hosting is ideal option for you if:

  • You are having small or mid-sized business
  • If you are expecting only a few hundred visits to your website on monthly basis
  • If you are not updating your site with new contents on regular basis
  • You don’t know how to setup a server, install application/software
  • You have less technical knowledge and skills
  • Why Choose Shared Web Hosting? - Top Reasons

    In case you are new to the field of web hosting, then shared hosting is ideal way for you to go with great learning curve. This option is perfectly fine and suitable for businesses, organizations and websites with low to medium traffic and visitors and do not actually need complicated and customized server.

    You could consider shared hosting similar to a bigger house shared by several people’s. Costs and charges for stuffs such as electricity, water, food items and tasks are partitioned. In case something stops working for example air cooler, the kindly proprietor lives appropriate next door. This type of arrangement actually saves everyone pocket and all things work out pleasantly allowed not anyone drinks or eats straightforwardly the container or box.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    With this type of web hosting arrangement, you and only you are on the entire web server. Everything related to a server including all the resources is completely yours and you can use the server, the way you wish. Dedicated web hosting server gives you excellent control and power over its configuration and entire operating environment. In this type of server arrangement you will be offered with broad variety of services, applications as well as software to choose from for your website and online application.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    You should keep in mind that not every business and website owner needs luxury features that comes with dedicated server hosting solution, but you can choose dedicated server in the following situations: If you feel your business is growing at fast pace and shared hosting is not enough handle your website.

    If you are adding products and services continuously and need more control, power, flexibility, management power to customize your server, select software and application based on your growing requirements.

  • If your website contains huge amount of high-quality images, videos and graphics
  • If you want to have an unique IP address for your website without sharing it with any other websites.
  • If you have an online business that contains the sensitive details of clients such as credit/debit card information, in this case you need increased security to protect those details.
  • Everything you Need to Know about Dedicated Server Hosting

    In simple words,having a dedicated web server exclusively for your website costs extremely more compared to shared server hosting. Above all, you will be offered with more features, CPU power and server resources to choose for your website with more customization opportunities. Though you have excellent technical knowledge, expertise or availability of strong and highly skilled technical support ii your organization, you will most likely need a solution that contains building, creating, administering, maintaining and keeping up the hardware.

    All the features mentioned above above costs extra but these features are actually worth it for website owners who need more control and power of the operating environment as well as increased security with advanced features.

    Make a Well-Informed Decision

    The type of web hosting that you select will totally depends on your requirements, business motive, budget and your website needs as well as the measure of control that you wish. Therefore,to make a well-informed choice, you should do some research, get advice from professional webmasters, discuss with technically expert people. Keep in mind that decent and savvy choice will decide the success of your business on the web.

    It doesn’t matter which type of web hosting or server option you choose, we at UpdatedReviews wish you to make a well-informed and wise decision. In case you need more help contact us and we will help you to analyse your business needs. Since 2014, we have helped and assisted thousands of businesses and organizations build up a thorough hosting server strategy to address their business needs.

    What Is cPanel - A Beginners Guide And Why Do I Need It?

    cPanel is well-known and widely used web-based control panel. It is full-fledged web development tool that assists in web page management related tasks using GUI (Graphical user interface). With the help of a cPanel tool you can easily and effectively manage your web page without depending on a professional and skilled web developers.

    With the help of cPanel tool you can handle almost every aspects of file management, FTP account, website backups, email account management and many other important tasks related to your website including spam filter, error page management, website statistics, CGI scripts, error logs, database management, domains management, SSL management, IP blocking, DNS management, Password protection, visitors statistics, site publishing and many more.

    An Introduction to cPanel

    cPanel tool has made web page management and administration related tasks much easier. Along with website management it also helps in web development related tasks. Aside from being a web based easy to use control panel, cPanel also assists in getting to important features of overall web page statistics with the help of AWStats, Webalizer FTP, Analog Stats, Bandwidth usage, Raw access, visitors data and many more.

    With the help of cPanel you can easily create and manage website databases, uploading website files, downloading website files as well as deleting, removing, modifying and creating files. The simplicity at which the site, web page or an online application can be overseen through the cPanel is really unimaginable and it has really made web page management unbelievable and easier. cPanel control panel generally utilized on Linux based platforms that contain Fedora, SUSE, RED Hat, CentOS, FreeBSD, CloudLinux OS and Enterprise Linux.

    What can I do with cPanel Control Panel?

    There are countess tasks you can do with cPanel. Some of them are listed below.

  • Connect your website domain name to your web hosting account
  • Set up email account for your website
  • Install popular CMS platforms including WordPress and Joomla
  • Backup & restore your website
  • Upload and Download your files
  • Check bandwidth usage statistics
  • Installing SSL/TLS
  • Adding Domains, Sub-domains and addon domains.
  • And many more things you can do such as security audit, cron jobs, password & security, user management, website redirection and many other important tasks.

    How To Access Your cPanel Control Panel Dashboard?

    Once you sign up for hosting account with any hosting company, you should receive a welcome email containing link to access cPanel. But in case you are not able to get that specific link, given below is the shortcut to access your cPanel dashboard:

  • Enter your domain name in the web browser and add 2082 or 2083 to the end of your domain name such as
  • Enter your ip address provided by hosting company and add 2082 or 2083 at the end of your domain name, such as
  • Once you enter the above URL or IP in your web browser, you will landed to the login page of cpanel, now you need to enter your username and password:

    cPanel Login

    A Quick Guide to cPanel – Few Helpful Things You Can Do With cPanel

    There are several tasks you can do with cPanel tool. Some of the top tasks are listed below:

    How To Upload & Manage Files Using cPanel

    You can easily upload and manage your website files with the help of FTP and there are several FTP clients such as FIlezilla but cPanel also offers an easy interface to help you manage and upload files easily known as File Manager.

    In order to access file manage to the files area of cPanel and search for File Manager:

    File manager cPanel

    Once you hit the File Manager icon you will be redirect to new page, in which you can:

  • Browse to distinct areas utilizing the folder tree on the left hand side.
  • Oversee operate individual files in the middle section.
  • Execute the several actions such as create folder/files, move, copy, upload, download, delete files via the top bar.
  • How To Upload & Manage Files Using cPanel

    How To Install WordPress CMS With cPanel

    There are numerous of hosting companies provide auto installer in your control panel of your hosting account. With the help of auto-installer you can install WordPress CMS easily along with many other CMS platforms in just a few clicks of your mouse.

    To install any CMS including WordPress through cPanel, all you have to do search for the Apps Installer section in your control panel and hit WordPress icon:

    WordPress installation using cPanel

    After that follow the process to complete the installation process of WordPress setup wizard:

    WordPress installation with cPanel

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    With the help of cPanel tool you can easily create your email account for your domain name.

    To create email account using cPanel, go to the Email section in your cPanel and click on Email Accounts option:

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    Now click Add New Email Account and fill the desired Account name for your email address, type strong password and retype the same password and hit create account button:

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    Now your email account is created, you can access it using webmail available in your ePanel of setup new email account using email client such as Thunderbird. It is one of the well-known email client available on the web.

    How To BackUp and Restore Your Website With cPanel

    cPanel tool make it very easy to backup and restore a website. With the backup option available in cPanel you can manually take backup of your website as well as restore your website in just few clicks.

    Backup Your Website with cPanel:

    To backup your website with cPanel search for the Backup or Backup Wizard option available under Files section of your control panel . Here in this tutorial we are going to use Backup Wizard option because it is much easier and user-friendly:

    Backup Your Website with cPanel

    Now follow the entire backup wizard to complete backup process:

    Backup Your Website with cPanel

    Once you click Backup button, on next windows you need to choose whether you want Full Backup or partial Backup. Choose any option based on your needs.

    Restore Your Website With cPanel:

    Hit the restore option available in the above image, and select restore type. There are three options available Home directory, MySQL databases and Email forwarders and Filters. Hit any of the option based on your needs and upload the file on next step from your local system.

    How to Add A Domain/Addon Domains or Sub Domain with cPanel

    cPanel makes it very easy to add domain name or sub domains to your hosting account. An Addon domain is main domain name such as Whereas sub domain is part of your main domain like

    In order to add these two types of domains using your cPanel, search for the relevant choice in the Domain area of your cPanel tool:

    How to Add A Domain/Addon Domains or Sub Domain with cPanel

    Now follow the process to add domain name or addon domains with cPanel to your hosting account..


    We at UpdatedReviews hope you have found this article easy, simple, knowledgeable and informative for you. Now after reading this detailed article you have almost everything you have to begin with few of the most crucial aspects of cPanel control Panel.

    The cPanel tool offer almost every webmaster and website owner the self-confidence and full power of running a successful online presence for their website or online applications via its easy to use and user friendly interface. As we discussed above, you can use cPanel to manage various sub-domains and domain names with effortlessness and extreme speed,making it one of the most trusted, dependable and powerful website management tool.

    Are you looking for powerful cPanel Hosting for your website and online application? We would recommend to to go with Bluehost or A2 Hosting, these are most reliable cPanel hosting options available to host any kind of web site and web based application with ease.

    Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021 (Free and paid)

    WordPress is one of the well-know and best CMS platform available on the web but still it is perfect. In case you are utilizing WordPress and have an easygoing approach with respect to security and protection, at that point you are strolling in a touchy situation. A web page created using WordPress CMS is much simpler, unexpectedly and effortlessly compromised by hackers. There are numerous of hackers knows about the faults of WordPress and don’t waste the chance to distort your web page. So in order to protect your website from hacker and other security related threats we are going to share the list top 10 best WordPress security plugins on this page.

    Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2021

    Ultimate WordPress Security Tips to keep your Site Secure in 2021

    When it comes to WordPress website security and safety, the proactive state is always better than reactive state. Preventing an issue or trouble before it happens will definitely save you precious time, hard-earned money, Headache and it is always better to fix the security related issue before it happened.

    Keep Your WordPress Environment Up To Date

    Be certain to follow some of the best, basic and easy practices related to security and protection of your WordPress, for example staying up with the latest plugins, themes, templates and other core updates. But it is advisable to take the backup of your website before updating anything so that in case anything goes wrong, you can easily revert your website to the earlier version from your backup.

    So now question arises is how to make a WordPress based website more secure and protected? Generally in the World of web hosting especially WordPress, it always begins with choosing a reliable WordPress hosting service provider.

    In case you are planning to buy web space on a server, without any doubt, you can easily get a shared server hosting solution between $5-$10 per month. In any case, if you wake and see your website hacked by hacker or see any kind of virus, do not hope for these web hosts to lift their hands to help you, their technical staff most likely have no time or their do not know how to assist you.

    Also check: Free WP Reset plugin - One of the best WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs.

    Have Strong Login Credentials

    Having a strong login credentials is one of the simple thing ad easiest effort you can do from your side. It is always recommended to avoid admin as your username and avoid password like admin123. Always use a password like mixture of letters, numbers, Symbols, upper and lower characters and make it as tough as possible.

    One of the major reason why newbies do not like to use strong and tough password is because strong passwords are very difficult to remember. One of the best thing is that you do not have to remember your account no longer. Password manager is the best option that you can use to manage your password.

    WordPress Hosting and It’s Role

    WordPress web hosting service plays the crucial role to provide security and protection to your WordPress website. Top web hosting companies such as Bluehost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround take the additional precautions to ensure their web servers against regular risk and hazards created by hackers or identity stealers.

    WordPress hosting providers gives highly secure and powerful environment for WordPress based sites. WordPress specialized hosting providers offer regular automatic backups, powerful security measures, automatic updates of WordPress environment and many other essential aspects to secure your website.

    For secure and powerful WordPress hosting we recommend Bluehost. They are well-known provider of WordPress hosting and No.1 recommended host for WordPress hosting by

    Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services in 2021

    Based on the significance of your website or blog and the size of your website, it is always worth giving your website security and protection some real consideration. Now we are going to share the list of 10 best WordPress security plugins and services so that you can choose the right and powerful security for your website.

    Security related breaks and issues are not new for WordPress as these issues have been happening since the day one WordPress came into existence. Gratefully, WordPress is an open-source platform and due to this there are millions of powerful security plugins for WordPress that will keep your WordPress environment secure and safe.

    Let’s now have a look at few of the top WordPress Security plugins available on the web!

    Sucuri Security (Free)

    Best WordPress Security Plugins

    Sucuri is known as WordPress security specialists and their security related stuffs including free plugins are highly recommended and really worth downloading for your website use. It is one of the top WordPress Security Plugin. sucuri WordPress plugin- Best WordPress Security Plugins One of the biggest benefit of Sucuri plugin is that it automatically scans webpages for malwares, viruses and infected files. In case any security related issues happen, you can easily access Securi’s action monitoring log details to explore and find what may have occurred and in case you find your website compromised or hacked, you can easily restore it without any difficulty. These logs details are reserved safely and securely in the Cloud of Sucuri so that no hackers and identity stealer can not access or delete those files.

    Wordfence WordPress Security

    Top WordPress Security Plugins

    I am assured that you must have heard about this plugin and have seen many other plugins and I am assure that Wordfence WordPress security plugin was on the top of those plugin lists. There are numerous reasons behind this:

    Wordfence is a standout plugin amongst the most prominent, or one of the most popular and widely used security module for WordPress sites. With 2+ million active installations this plugin is continue growing and gaining more and more trust of WordPress CMS users globally.

    One of the best feature of this plugin is live traffic. You can see traffic updates in real time as well as you can track hacking related attempts in real time. Wordfence is compatible with multiple devices including cell phone and mobile phone sign in.

    It comes with many amazing features to block virus and malware attacks in real-time. In contains Two-factor Authentication for login security purpose. This features mainly used by government related agencies as well as militaries globally.

    So in case you are looking for excellent WordPress security Plugin, than WordFence is the ideal security plugin for your needs.

    Jetpack (Free and Paid from Rs.2000/year)

    Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

    Jetpack is another well-known and widely used plugin in the WordPress community. In case you wish to use free version of Jetpack to enhance the performance and security of your website, you will have to set on the Protect module, which watches and protect your site opposed to brute force assaults.

    Although the paid version of Jetpack contains all the crucial security related features. Premium version of Jetpack comes in three packages:

  • For just Rs. 2000/year, you can choose Jetpack personal package, which comes with daily automated backups, downtime monitoring, automated spam filtering and many more.
  • For just Rs.4200/year, you can choose Jetpack Premium package, which includes regular malware scanning, Automatic security fixes, Automated malware scanning and many other premium features.
  • By paying Rs. 9,600/year, you can opt to choose Premium Package of Jetpack, comes with Real-time automated backups, Unlimited archive, on-request malware scans and many other amazing features.
  • All-In-One WP Security & Firewall

    As the name itself suggests all-in-one WP security & Firewall. The All-in-One WP Security & Firewall is an exclusive security solution for WordPress based websites.

    This plugin takes WordPress security and protection to the new heights. The main role of this plugin is to block brute force attacks as well as many other amazing functionalities. This plugin helps WordPress site owners to put down most of the typical website related attacks.

    All-In-One WP (WordPress Security) Security plugin utilizes an unparalleled security points grading system to evaluate how perfectly you are safeguarding your site depend the security features you have turned on. This plugin works in such a way that it will not slow down your site.

    iThemes Security

    Top 10 best WordPress Security Plugins

    iThemes has been developing and supporting WordPress tools since 2008 and one of the well-known plugin of iThemes is BackupBuddy. With broad range of WordPress, plugins, modules and themes, Security of WordPress sites is the next move in giving you all that you need to create and protect the WordPress web.

    So in case you install iTheme security on your WordPress site, you are in protected because the plugin is maintained, managed and supported by iThemes itself.

    iThemes automatically bans users from getting to your site who have just assaulted different sites on the web. This is the best feature to protect your site against brute force attacks. This plugin will automatically and continuously reports IP addresses (Internet Protocols) of unsuccessful login tries and blocks them with the goal that your site is secured and safer.

    Top features of iThemes Include:

  • Entirely scan your website and immediately reports where the susceptibilities founds and fixes them in few seconds.
  • Bans troublesome user agents, bots as well as other hosts
  • Strengthens web server security and protection
  • Implement powerful passwords for each and every accounts of a configurable least role
  • Forces SSL for admin pages as well as any other pages and posts.
  • Recognize and blocks several attacks to your filesystem as well as databases.
  • The pro version of iThemes plugin enables additional layer of safety to WordPress based websites. Two-Factor verification – enable you to use a mobile based app to give an example Google Authenticator to create a code or have a created code emailed to you on your email address. Few of the top features of Pro version includes:

  • Easy updation of your WordPress keys as well salt.
  • Automatic Scheduling of Malware scan.
  • Automatically Generate strong passwords right from your profile screen.
  • Google reCAPTCHA to protect site against spammers.
  • An easy to use Dashboard Widget to manage your WordPress security
  • wp-cli Integration –to Manage your WordPress site’s security from the command line interface.
  • Import/Export Settings to saves time organizing multiple WordPress based sites.
  • VaultPress (from $39/month)

    best WordPress security plugin 2021

    Another plugin in the list of best WordPress security plugin is VaultPress and it also belongs to automatic family. It is secure, powerful, trusted and easy to use, most probably one of the best backup solution for websites.

    In this world no website is fully secured. Does not matter how much attempt you put into your website to keep safe from harm and security related breaks can still occur, due to this reason it is always suggest you to backup your website. regrettably , only a few webmasters and website owners follow this suggestion and huge number of webmasters does not take it seriously, don’t put yourself in this list.

    The backup of your website is similar to the duplicate copy of your website. In case anything wrong happen to your website such as any security related issue like virus or malware damage your website, you simple restore your website from the backup.

    This is the situation where this amazing plugin comes into action.

    VaultPress helps you to create planned backups as well as real-time backups, based on the package you have selected ad all the backups created are kept safely and securely off-site. In case of any trouble or difficulty you can restore these backups instantly.

    SiteLock Web Security

    sitelock WordPress security plugin

    Another most popular WordPress security plugin is Sitelock that comes with DDoS protection, virus/malware scan and many other amazing features needed to protect a website online.. SiteLock is one of the fastest and speediest web page security scanning service available on the web that automatically scan, discover, fix, settle and avoid any kind of difficulties and dangers, giving website owners complete peace of mind they actually deserve.

    Sitelock scans and inspects the website on regular basis Including themes, Top WordPress plugins and all available files for possible vulnerabilities that can harm websites and create security related troubles. In case any malware or virus discovered on your website, this security plugin automatically fixes them and let you know about them. By checking the scanning report provided by SiteLock, as a website owner you can instantly take an action to protect your website.

    BulletProof Security for WordPress

    This is another well-known and most-trusted Security plugin for WordPress based websites, that enables WordPress users to scan websites for malware, virus, create firewall, database backup, Anti-Spam and many more.

    BulletProof security plugin comes with one-click Setup Wizard automatically tat make it very easy to use without doing any major configuration. Once the setup process done, this plugin automatically discover the threats and fix them instantly in real time. t is always recommended and suggest to scan web page for any previous or old infected file or document once you done with the setup process. This plugin comes with IP based Firewall, which enable you to secure and protect your plugins.

    In case you are low on budget, BulletProof security plugin might be the ideal option for you. Just for $69.95 one-time fee, you can get this security plugin for your website without any recurring charges monthly or yearly charges.

    AntiVirus (Free)

    AntiVirus for WordPress based websites is a much easier to use, secure plugin to strengthen your WordPress powered webpages against abuse, malware, virus, spam injections and other security related threats.

    This plugin is easy to configure and daily scan your website including themes, databases and other files. In case plugin discover any suspicious activities or actions, it will inform you by sending notification on configured email address. Suppose your website developed on WordPress platform gets hacked by hackers, Antivirus plugin will help you to know about the related issue and you can quickly take an action to resolve the related issue.

    VIP Scanner - WordPress Plugin

    The VIP Scanner does precisely what the name suggest. It scans different files available on your web page, containing WordPress site themes and other available plugins. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to discover all the security escape clauses in your WordPress site. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to find all the security related loopholes in your site using WordPress.

    This security plugin for WordPress websites is effective and smooth to use. It comes with an user-friendly interface at the same it enable you to safe your website from viruses, hackers and malwares.

    So Let me tell you Which is the Best WordPress Security Plugins

    After analysing and comparing the top WordPress security plugins available on the web, We have discovered that Sucuri (complete website security) is one of the best security solution for WordPress based websites. This plugin comes with all the essential features you need for your websites in order to secure it, containing complete website scanning, DNS based firewall, DDoS protection, CDN solution etc.

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