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When Should You Move to a VPS Server or Dedicated Server Hosting? - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

When Should You Move to a VPS Server or Dedicated Server Hosting?

At present I am using shared server hosting service for my website, yet I see a ton of people discussing about VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. At the point when would it be advisable for me to think about those hosting solutions?

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when to migrate Dedicated server hosting

My simple and short answer for this question would be, right after you are start earning decent money from your website or web blog. Shared web hosting solution is best choice when you are in the starting stage. I am in shared server hosting since 2 years and now my website have already started getting decent amount of traffic, so I am planning to move to VPS server.

One of the major issue with this type of web hosting service is that your web page of blog will be hosted in the same server with many other websites, in shared server generally more than 100 sites are hosted in the same server. Subsequently, in case any of the website owner do something wrong, you will also have to face the problems.

To take an example, in case a any website owner with less knowledge run any script on the server and that cause the crash of server, the other sites including yours will affect negatively, whether you did not have anything to do with it and your site will for sure go down. In some cases, if any web page owner sharing server with you doesn’t take site security seriously and abandons some security holes open, it will definitely affect you website too, as a result you will see your site might be hacked by hackers or some other malware attacks.

Given above are the two major reasons for moving your website to VPS server or to a dedicated server hosting solution based on the situations you are currently in..

Being in the hosting industry since 5 years I do not suggest any website owner to start straight away on a dedicated web server hosting arrangement since it is one of the costlier hosting option available and for the reason that you could turn out to be wasting your hard earned money for a web page that will not not go far away. But based on my knowledge as soon as you begin earning some decent amount of money from your website it would be right time to take a move to VPS or dedicated server, as this move would give your site an excellent security as well as help you to increase the performance of your site, as a result you will see boost in your income too.

when to migrate VPS server hosting

So what exactly I mean by decent amount of money and how much money you should be making from your site? The answer for this question is that when you continuously start making an average $500/month you should consider buying a VPS server hosting which will cost you in between $5 to $60/month and when you start making atleast $1000-$1500/month you should consider buying a Dedicated server for your website which will cost you in between $60 to $200/month.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, by hosting your website, blog or web application on VPS server or Dedicated server hosting environment, you will see you them more responsive, as in this type of web hosting you will not share the server as well as its resources with any several other websites and web applications.


At last if you are looking for best VPS hosting option for your website, I would recommend InterServer for best and cost-effective VPS hosting solution or if you are planning to buy a Dedicated server for your website checkout inMotion Hosting, one of best SSD based Dedicated server hosting provider on the web.

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