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Liquid Web Back to School Sale, Offers 2019 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Liquid Web Back to School Sale 2019

In case you are searching for world-class & Best web hosting services with excellent technical support then LiquidWeb is the best choice for you. With Liquid Web you can pick Managed WordPress, WooCommerce, cloud, VPS, or dedicated server hosting services.

Searching for a Liquid Web Coupon codes? Here on this page we have the amazing discount accessible. Simply utilize our Liquid Web hosting coupon code and promo code by clicking any link.

Currently Liquid Web is running 40% OFF Back to School Sale. Now you can get managed WordPress or WooCommerce hosting plans for your website from Liquid Web at flat 40% huge discount + a WP101 Lifetime Membership Worth $99 absolutely free of cost.

Details of Back to School Sale:

LiquidWeb Back To School Sale - 40% off Managed WordPress Hosting

Limited Time Offer: Get 40% Off for 3 months on Managed WordPress Hosting Plans & free WP101. Use Code: LEARNWP

Offer Date: 11th - 31st August 2019

LiquidWeb Back To School Sale - 40% off Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Limited Time Offer: Get 40% Off for 3 months on Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans & free WP101. Use Code: LEARNWP

Offer Date: 11th - 31st August 2019

Use coupon code: LEARNWP to take the advantage of this amazing discount and free membership from Liquid Web. Offer Valid only August 11th - 31st 2019.

HostPapa Easter Sale, Offers & Discounts 2019 - $1 Hosting - 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 votes

HostPapa Easter Sale, Offers & Discounts 2019 - $1 Hosting

The Easter 2019 Bunny is packing up his eggs, and HostPapa, one of the top Green web host is getting ready for a Biggest Easter Sale, Offers, Discounts! It will start on Wednesday, April 17th at 11 am EST and end on Tuesday, April 23rd at 10 am EST.

Grab Offer Now

During this HostPapa Easter sale:

  • Starter Shared & Business Shared Hosting plans will cost as low as $1/month(or similar in other currencies) for anyone purchasing a hosting package of 36 months (3 Year).
  • Starter & Business Optimized WordPress Hosting plans will cost at just $1/month, under the same 36 month (3 Year) purchase condition.
  • To make the maximum out of this limited time Easter sale from HostPapa, it would be amazing if you bookmark this website and visit it during 17th April to 23rd April 2019, so that you can easily get massive discount. Easter Day includes numerous of celebratory bliss as well as good luck. With exciting offers, promos and deals like these from HostPapa, you will have a wonderful reason to celebrate the Easter.

    Grab Deal Now

    HostPapa St. Patrick’s Day sale, Offers & Discounts 2019 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    HostPapa St. Patrick’s Day sale, Offers & Discounts 2019

    Who do not know about HostPapa. HostPapa is one of the largest Shared & Cloud hosting provider in the World. HostPapa has come up another exciting offer in March 2019. Starting on March 12th at 10 am EST , HostPapa is going to run St. Patrick's Day Sale, featuring huge discounts on Shared and WordPress hosting plans.

    As you know finally Spring is here and HostPapa is almost ready for one of the most recognized celebrations of March Month. This means an exclusive offer for hosting luck! It is going to start on 12th March at 10AM EST and End on 18th March 2019 at 10AM EST. Read HostPapa Reviews here.

    The St. Patrick's Say Sale of HostPapa will run for flat 144 hours (6 Days). Please note, HostPapa will be updating its Homepage as a part of the sale on St. Patrick's Day 2019. So all you have to do is hit link and coupon code will be applied automatically. This is one of the best offer from HostPapa for 2019, so make sure you get benefit of this amazing offer.

    Here are the details of HostPapa St. Patrick’s Day Sale:

  • Starter and Business Shared Hosting plans will cost as low as $1.95/month (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a hosting package of 36 months (3 Years).
  • Starter and Business Optimized WordPress Hosting plans will cost $1.95/month, under the same billing cycle of 36 months.
  • Grab Deal Now

    Sale Starts: Tuesday, March 12th at 10 am EST

    Sale Ends: Monday, March 18th at 10 am EST

    The offer is only applicable on new hosting accounts, not applicable on old account renewals or any existing hosting plans.

    Get the Amazing Features Your Online Business Needs

  • Easy-to-use tools and applications keep you fully in control
  • You get “Unlimited” everything
  • Create a professional website in just few minutes
  • Servers built for excellent speed
  • Secure & reliable business email solution
  • User-friendly control panel tool
  • Committed to excellent security
  • Over 400+ apps included
  • Support you can trust available 24/7
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Hundreds of mobile-friendly templates too choose from
  • Professional looking designs
  • eCommerce ready hosting solution
  • Website Builder included free with hosting
  • Grab Deal Now

    Why choose HostPapa over the other Hosting Providers?

  • Reliable servers and advanced technology
  • Award winning customer support
  • Commitment to security
  • Independently owned and operated company
  • Optimized for speed & performance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Grab Deal Now

    To make the most out of this exclusive sale from HostPapa, it would be great if you bookmark our website and visit it during 12th March to 15th March 2019, so that you can grab huge discount. St. Patrick's Day includes numerous of celebratory bliss and good luck. With amazing offers and deals like these from Hostpapa, you will have a great reason to celebrate.

    Happy Saving!

    FastComet Year End Sale 2018 / New Year Offers 2019 - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    FastComet Year End Sale, New Year Offers

    It's the most amazing time of the year! The best period for online shoppers to shop is here and FastComet's Year End Sale and New Year Deals are already one. They are offering Flat 15% OFF on Shared Server Hosting packages and Flat 15% OFF on VPS, Cloud and Dedicated server hosting plans Plus you get Domain Name and SSL certificate for free of cost for the life of hosting account. So Don't miss the chance to save more on hosting purchase with FastComet.

    FastComet Christmas Sale,New Year deals, Year End sale

    FastComet Year End Sale

    Below are FastComet Offer Details on End of the Year Sale and New Year Deals

  • Sale Details: FLAT 15% OFF on all new Shared hosting plans + Free Domain/Website Transfer + SSL Certificate
  • Coupon Code: SALE2018
  • Sale Starts: Monday, December 17th 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Sale Details: Flat 20% OFF all new Managed SSD Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Multiple Locations
  • Coupon Code: CLOUD2018
  • Sale Starts: Monday, December 17th 6:00 A.M. EST
  • FastComet Christmas Offer

    It only happens once in a year! Amazing End of the Year Sale/New Year Deals

    Act fast to grab these amazing deals before they’re gone!

    Happy Shopping
    Top 10 Best Paas Providers of 2019 | Platform as a Service Providers - 4.5 out of 5 based on 8 votes

    Top 10 Best PaaS Providers of 2019

    Check out the list of best Platform as a Service Providers

    If you are planning to start your own online business, as a matter of principle you can easily purchase and setup your very own servers on-site. At the same time, to accomplish this you need huge monetary investment as well as needs knowledge and skills since you are going to setup your servers from scratch.
    PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is one of the newest available cloud computing based platform for developing as well as functioning applications over the web just as a service. By making use of PaaS one can discards the difficulties and costs of purchasing, setting up, managing, deploying all the essential hardware, application and software related elements required to perform speedy application deployment and development related tasks. Each and every service needed to perform the faster application development are combined and provided by the PaaS hosting providers in their plans.

    Spotting a right PaaS service (Platform-as-a-Service) providers can end up being a quite complex task, as several service providers seem to offer almost same type of solutions. Therefore to make this process easier for you UpdatedReviews has combined a list of best PaaS providers.

    Also Read- 30 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) : Elastic Beanstalk

    Amazon Web Services also known as AWS is a part of an American electronic commerce (eCommerce) and cloud computing technology company, founded in March 2006. It is dedicated to providing on demand cloud computing solutions to businesses, organizations, enterprises, individuals as well as governments. Amazon Web Service is a cloud powered platform for developing perfect business solutions utilizing integrated web services. Along with PaaS services, AWS give its clients approach to many other broad range of amazing and effective cloud enabled services as for example CDN (Content Delivery Network), database storage, backup solution etc.

    By opting for AWS subscription users get approach to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, one of the easiest way for web developers and coders to deploy services. Elastic Beanstalk is developed for deploying and scaling Internet apps created using the frameworks like ,NET, Docker, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Java etc. These frameworks will keep running on Apache web servers and additionally Nginx server, Passenger and IIS (Internet Information Services). One of the tremendous advantages of choosing Amazon web services is that it continually include latest available tools and resources, so that the users are always get access to the most recent available tools.

    Cost: All AWS Cloud Accounts Include 12 Months of Free Tier Access. Once your free tier expires you will get access to pay-as-you-go model where you need to pay only for the service you use and you do not need to stuck in long term contracts.

    Google Cloud Platform: App Engine

    Google has gained huge reputation as a powerful PaaS Hosting service provider. The provider declares to already help and assist hundreds of thousands of expert web developers, webmasters and has successfully maintained excellent uptime.

    Google App Engine facilitates the users with an option to create and host mobile applications and web back-ends with the help of programming/scripting languages, libraries, runtimes as well as frameworks based on your comfort and ease. By opting for Google Cloud you do not need to worry about the infrastructure management because Google will take care of the infrastructure management related tasks so that you can fully focus on your coding related work.

    Along with Google App Engine you can make use of Google’s web services to create an exceptionally personalized solution to address all your business related necessities.

    Cost: Free trial is available for easier start. Sign up for Google Cloud now and get free credits worth $300 to spend on Cloud Platform over the next 12 months (1 year). Once your free trial expires you can upgrade to paid plan, pricing starts at just $0.05 per hour per instance.

    Salesforce PaaS

    The PaaS solutions offered by SalesForce enables web coders & developers to develop multi-tenant applications . is a part of App Cloud, a solution that enables developers to develop applications from SalesForce. By opting for salesForce PaaS one can develop applications without using a single line of code. This PaaS platform gives the essential tools and stuffs to automate the entire process which thus gives the client much more opportunity to concentrate on other important sections of their business.

    In this platform Developers have the capabilities to create trusting cloud apps that are highly secure, powerful, easy to scale without having any concern of hardware provisioning or else application stacks. SalesForce utilizes Heroku cloud platform which is mainly utilized to deploy, set up, run as well as administer apps composed and coded on scripting languages for example PHP, JavaScript, c, Ruby etc. among others.

    Cost of SalesForce PaaS: Free trial available for 30 days. You can test SalesForce Cloud free for 30 days without any obligation, without paying anything and no credit card needed. Sales Cloud starts at just $25/month for up to 5 users.

    Microsoft Azure

    Likewise with AWS PaaS platform, one of the most crucial advantage of Microsoft Azure is that it supports any type of OS, programming language, framework, application as well as tool. This amazing feature of Azure certainly makes life much easier for developers and webmasters.

    MicroSoft Azure not just provides PaaS (platform as a service) solution as well as offer SaaS (software as a service) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). By opting Azure PaaS solution customers can without any trouble utilize their services directly on the cloud platform or else it can incorporated with any current apps, data center, environment, infrastructure or framework you may previously using.

    One more of the advantages of utilizing Microsoft Azure PaaS solution is that developers can make use of Visual Studio dev tools for developing as well as arranging applications. The tools offer by Visual Studio sustain and maintain local debugging of application script along with a trace efficiency and storage account diagnostics, analysis and many other troubleshooting options.

    Cost: Free is available for 12 months and once your free trial is over you need to upgrade to a pay-as-you-go subscription option, starting from as low as $0.013 hourly for each website. The most costlier PaaS plan starts at USD 0.30 hourly and can go upto USD 2.40 on hourly basis.

    Red Hat : OpenShift

    OpenShift is a completely open source container-based Platform as a Service platform from Red hat, delivering developers and coders with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for forming, designing and deploying Docker-formatted containers and the Kubernetes based containers.
    Red Hat offers a couple of separate choices for developers and web masters which comprise of whether it be hosted, open-source or else private PaaS related projects. The supported languages of OpenShift are Ruby, PHP, MongoDB, Perl, Java EE6, MySQL, PostGreSQL etc.
    One of the best thing about Red Hat Paas is that it is highly customizable and available in 3 different formats. For example OpenShift Online, OpenShift Enterprise and OpenShift Origin.

    Cost: The starter plan allow you to host 1 project for free of cost. Whereas Pro Plan starts at $50/month for 10 projects.

    IBM Cloud : Bluemix

    IBM offer an open-source PaaS solution which depends on Cloud Foundry. The main thought behind this is that the IBM PaaS users will have more security and increased control. IBM Bluemix PaaS solution is cloud powered platform that unites framework, data, information and services you should have to help convey your centric ideas, thoughts as well as applications too formation. You can easily control as well as measure. You will be provided with the tools and resources for each IT venture you wish, regardless of the fact it is building a brand new application, modifying a current one or else improving your current databases, you can fully depend on the PaaS solution offered by IBM to assist you.

    In this PaaS solution users are allowed to use third-party services to improve the capabilities of applications. One of the major advantages of this PaaS is that any kind of existing infrastructure that you are using can be without any trouble migrated to IBM BlueMix.

    Cost: You can opt for lifetime free account. Apart from free you can also also opt for pay as you go model or monthly subscription plan.


    AppFog makes it much easier and convenient to organize applications on speedy, multi-locale, reliable and robust cloud powered platform that is accessible for user as a service. By opting AppFog, you just need to manage your code and data and rest of the things will be taken care by then including runtime, OS’s, web servers, middleware, virtualization, networking devices, data storage etc. In this way you can fully concentrates on your web apps rather than configuring/deploying servers, provisioning server resources or preparing databases.

    AppFog is a Platform as a Service platform which affirms to be much easier solution that provides support for various languages such as PHP, PostGreSQL, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, MySQL etc. One of the biggest advantages of using AppFog PaaS is that it enables for the assignment of the executives benefits, so one can easily hand over the task to other person.

    Cost: You can try AppFog for free of cost and get 2GB of RAM.

    Oracle Cloud PaaS

    Oracle Cloud PaaS is a product of Oracle Cloud, founded in 1977 by Oracle Corporation. Oracle Cloud PaaS (OCP) gives user an approach to build, deploy, set up and test applications quick as well in the cloud environment at the same time minimizing expenses. Developers can ultimately concentrate on writing their codes/scripts effectively without worrying about infrastructure management related tasks. Oracle Cloud PaaS platform acts/functions like an alliance of open source platform and Oracle powered technology.

    Oracle corporation prides of having the monstrous Platform as a Service record of the cloud service providers all over the world. Oracle trusts their PaaS platform lessens and decreases the troubles. The majority of your important data/information and web based apps can be incorporated. The platform empowers the customer to move all processes to the cloud environment. Everything can be administered through one programme. All kind of data and information is encrypted & encoded automatically.

    Cost: Free monthly trial available with all paid plans.

    Free Web Hosting with cPanel - Best Free Cpanel Hosting Providers 2019 - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    Free Web Hosting with cPanel

    Free cPanel Hosting

    The cost of establishing and managing a web page can include rapidly. Creating, Designing, developing, maintaining and keeping up a website all need cost of one or other and it is more crucial for businesses and organizations to reduce where they can.

    Website hosting is a zone in which expenses can undoubtedly amass because web hosting packages and services are usually gold based on month to month billing

    Free Cpanel Web Hosting

    In India as well as World there are numerous of companies that offer free web hosting with cPanel control panel, but and nevertheless that packages will not be worthy for few businesses and websites, as well as others have considerable chance to make huge savings.

    Free Web Hosting service comes with numerous of restrictions certainly. Website loading time, web space, bandwidth, uptime guarantees, backup options, support availability and many more are all characteristics that are frequently cut down, yet saying this doesn’t understood that best cheap web hosting option is not available.

    Be mindful of that free web hosting with cPanel survive since it enables companies and organizations to upsell more costly website hosting solutions to the individuals and businesses who may require it.

    All things considered, free web hosting with cPanel ought to be seen as promotional tool which implies that terms and conditions of service usage might be changed usually and since there is not financial monetary transaction, server downtimes might be more repeated because there is a lack of SLA.

    This article presents a selection of the best free web hosting with cPanel plans available on the web for everyone, there is not particular rank for these companies because all the companies are offering free hosting with cPanel.

    Free Web Hosting With Cpanel Control Panel

    Control it easily! Flexible free cPanel hosting tools for the best performance for your website.

    Create your free website with the best free web hosting services today! cPanel, PHP, mySQL, Free Email Accounts and Website Builder Tool included!


    Bandwidth: 10GB | Disk Space: 1000MB | Advertisements: No | Panel: Free Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 2 | Websites: 2 | E-mail accounts: 5 | Backups: yes | FTP Accounts: Yes | Cron Jobs: Yes | HotLink Protection: Yes | Free Website Builder: Yes

    Founded in the Larnaca, Cyprus, 000Webhost has been offering free web hosting services since 2007. It free cPanel website hosting plan includes 1000MB of space, 10GB of monthly bandwidth and you can create 5 email account. 000WebHost offer 99.99% uptime guarantee along with daily and weekly backups.

    Their free cPanel hosting service is supported by 16 million existing users hosting websites with them and to run their services successfully they generate revenue from premium hosting packages ( Starting from as low as $2/month and they have various hosting options to choose from based on the needs of a website.

    2. Hosting.India.To

    Bandwidth: 1 GB | Disk Space: 1 GB | Advertisements: Yes | Panel: Free Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Websites: 1 | E-mail accounts: 5 | Subdomains: 1 | FTP Accounts: 1

    Founded in Jaipur India and providing web hosting services since 2001. They offer free web hosting panel with many other amazing features. Join the biggest community of tech savvy customers who are taking the benefits of professional cPanel web hosting without paying anything. All the Linux hosting packages comes with free cPanel. With the help of cPanel you can easily manage your hosting account.

    With free cPanel hosting you will have lots of amazing features such as email account, ftp account, file manager, domains, subdomains, addon domains, password protected directories and many more

    They are offering 1 GB free hosting with every domain you purchase from them.

    If you have already registered your domain name you can use free hosting for it.

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